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Address: Calle Cuba 102-108 entre Chacón y Tejadillo, Habana Vieja, Cuba.

Hotel O Farrill

Palacio O’Farrill Hotel, located near the picturesque Bay of Havana and Cathedral Square in Old Havana, is a perfect example of neoclassical architecture, in vogue at the dawn of the 19th Century. This hotel that used to serve as a Palace prides itself on the level of personal service offered to all guests. 

Don Ricardo O’ Farrill and O’ Daly, whose family came from County Longford, in Ireland, arrived in Havana in the early 18th Century and is known as the founder of the O’ Farrill family in Cuba. The hotel has retained the name Palacio O’ Farrill, as a tribute to its original owners. In addition, on the 17th of March of each year, Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated at Palacio O’ Farrill. 

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, and although this tradition began in Ireland, nowadays it is celebrated in several countries around the world. People with Irish heritage remind themselves of the beautiful green countryside of Ireland by wearing green clothes and taking part in the festivities. The presence of the 18th, 19th and 20th century influences represented in architecture, décor and ambience of the Palace add to the hotel’s extraordinary charm. 

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Havana is the capital and the main commercial center of Cuba. The city's population is 2.1 million inhabitants. It's the fourth biggest metropolitan area in the Caribbean region.

Before the Communist revolution, Havana was one of the high spots for vacation. There are also few U.S. citizens living there.

Havana was founded by the Spanish in the 16th century. It has a very strategic position and that's why it helped for the spanish conquest in the continent.

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